JUNE 26th, 2022

Raw footage is taken directly out of the camera, copied from the SD card. There is no color or exposure correction, audio adjustments, motion stabilization, or sharpening. Please note:  most of the footage is 1920×1080 and shot at 59.94 FPS. Ceremony and speeches video is shot at 3840×2160 at 23.976 FPS. Most video editing software will have no issue with both sizes being editing on the same timeline / sequence. But if you attempt to render a final video at the higher resolution or higher FPS, the lower resolution / lower frame rate will come out noticeably choppy or poorer quality. My suggestion for a final render size is 1920 x 1080 at 23.976 FPS. Before editing you’ll want to set the sequence / timeline / project settings to match that for the smoothest result. You can slow down a 59.94 FPS shot by 2.5 times for butter smooth slow-motion, and zoom/crop up to 2.0x on the 3840×2160 footage and have it be just as sharp. In addition, included is all the audio captured on separate devices as well. Camera B has the audio from the Rode Go recordings built in (for the ceremony one channel is the officiant and the other channel is the groom, Left and Right). The Zoom H5 audio is not attached to any video.  Please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email with any questions or tips for syncing audio or working with multiple resolutions / frame rates in the same project. I’m fairly fluent with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut X, and Davinci Resolve. If you don’t have a video editing software yet, I would recommend Davinci Resolve as there is an amazing free version that has incredible functionality.